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The Notebook was written by Nicholas Sparks in 1994. Based on a true story, It’s a classic yet brilliant love story of two people Allie and Noah, in the 1940’s living in Seabrook South Carolina. Noah, who is unimpressed with striving for success no matter the cost, He is a blue-collar worker who spends an unexpected inheritance on restoring a beautiful plantation home. He is a hard worker in whatever he engages himself, but will never be sucked into a job that keeps him away from nature and the beauty of poetry. He is a gentleman and shy yet intelligent Allie, is a fit, petite girl from a wealthy, upper-class family. Very smart, intelligent girl. Her father and mother tend to push her into succeeding and won’t condone to anything less. They have very high standards. She is the young woman who faces the challenge of defying the life she has been told she must live in order to connect with her soul mate. They first meet at a carnival when Allie, was talking to Noah’s friends, Fin and Sarah. When Noah shakes hands with Allie, he knows he can spend the rest of his life with her.. He asks her on a date, she says no. He asks again, she says no. So he jumps on the railing dangling off the ferris wheel until she says yes. After spending time with each other, they simply fall in love. They have a summer romance. They spent their days doing things that were completely unfamiliar to her while she taught Noah how to dance. Later in the summer, Noah brought her to the decaying old plantation home and told her that someday he was going to own it and fix it up. They spent hours talking about their dreams - his of seeing the world and hers of being an artist. Eventually, they became lovers, both losing their virginity. Three weeks later, she had to leave and their summer together became a lingering memory for Noah. Now living separate lives, they can never stop thinking about

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