The Not-so-Social Life Essay

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Sidonia Willis Mr. Lewis Engl. 1301-018 14 October 2014 The Not-So-Social Life Many social networks have created the opportunity for people to communicate almost instantly over almost any distance. Social network’s uses have become more popular and have created a whole new world of its own. The author Brian Jung’s essay “ The Negative Effects of Social Media on Society and Individuals” expresses the problems that social media is creating today. He exposes the negatives effects of online use consisting of people getting Cyber bullied, the false sense of connection people receive, and people’s lack of privacy. Social networking is just as available to predators as it is for friends. Cyber-bullying is when a person bullies, harasses, threatens and/or embarrasses someone. It’s simpler to bully online than in person because those who bully online are not required to see the immediate emotion and reaction triggered in front of them. Bullying usually starts at a young age. Jung says “ Kids are vulnerable to the practice of Cyber-bullying...” (par.3). People are usually anonymous when bullying someone, so the person who is being hurt usually does not know who the bully is. Today, harmful words are a bully’s greatest weapon. Words can easily be engraved in one’s mind. It can leave mental scars. Cyber-bullying has caused symptoms for people who have been bullied. Depression, skipping school, low grades and even suicide attempts are some of these symptoms. People have started ways to end cyber-bullying and make things right. In this generation, people are starting to have relationships online. People spend too much time and energy trying to find these relationships. There seems to be a less of a connection with people online. Jung’s article talks of Cornell University's Steven Strogatz

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