The Noise From The Zoo Essay

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“The noise from the zoo” & “Fixing a hole” The short story “The Noise from the Zoo” is written by Janice Elliott, and is about the guy Felix, who suddenly one day decides to dig a hole without knowing why. The hole has no purpose for Felix; it is completely pointless. And Felix wants it to stay that way – simple and uncomplicated. But as time goes by, the interest for the hole increases. Other holes start to appear across the city of London, and Felix gets in trouble for digging the hole. People are creating demonstrations and are extremely desperate to keep the hole. At the end, the hole is filled with rain and transforms from a hole to a pond. Felix is sitting alone bend over the hole. He is crying, while he is listening to the noise from the zoo. Felix is only described indirectly in the story. There aren’t given any information about his profession, last name, home or anything. Apparently this isn’t relevant to the story line or the message the story’s trying to send. His relationship with his wife and his way of thinking is, however, described a few times. Felix on the outside seems to live a quite simple and unproblematic life. Felix seems to be living a relatively unproblematic life. He has a wife, a job and a house with a green garden. He’s a polite man with success. He mentions in the story that he is satisfied with his wife and career: “… I have a good job. I love my wife.” Felix is claiming that he is happy, but later this changes. His wife seems to be of the opinion that herself and Felix have everything they could possibly want: “I don’t see why you had to do it. You had everything.” Felix doesn’t seem to share this opinion, and answers: “It is the only thing I have done in my life.” By him saying that, it indicates that Felix doesn’t feel like he has accomplished anything in life, although he earlier in the story claims to by happy. Felix

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