The Night Was Essay

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The night was pitch black it was October 31st 2013, Halloween night. It was me and 6 of my friends Alice, Ale, Juan, Jose, Noemi and Jason. We were all trick or treating trying to make this Halloween the best since it was Jason’s birthday. We were going block by block door by door asking for candy, teepeeing houses and to make it a crazy fun night we went to a house that has been abandoned for years, no one had ever seen anyone go in or out of that house. Some say that a family lived there once a wife, husband and 3 girls. The dad was so stressed about work and his wife drove him crazy and he seemed never to have his own time to be alone that one day he just snapped and killed his wife kids and then shot himself in the head. Some say you can hear the screams of the wife and children pleading there father not to kill them. As we walked up to the house Noemi and Ale where both terrified and didn’t want to go but we were all one group and no one was going to be left behind, so we put them in the middle and opened the door. As we walked in you can smell something so horrible it bothered my stomach and I wanted to throw up instantly Noemi asked if we had heard something but none of us thought nothing of it since she was terrified to be in there. We walked up stairs where the family was killed, the second we stepped one foot in there the rooms temperature dropped. It felt like we were in a freezer, we all bunched up together to get warm and just as we did so we heard a cry. Sounded like a little girl, Jason walked up slowly and asked “who was that?” “where are you?” in another room you can hear screaming as well but an angry older scream as if it was coming from a man. I crept up slowly to look into the room and I saw this while figure of a man and I realized it wasn’t just any man it was the dad that had killed his family. We were in a house with ghosts! I was
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