The Night of the Ticklers

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Book Title: The Night of the Ticklers Author: Paul Shipotn ISBN: 0199185220, 9780199185221 Location: public library Type: science fiction Star Rating: 5 The Night of The Ticklers is about funny aliens invading Earth .Katy and Mike were in the middle of the most boring assembly. They needed to see the haedteacher after school because they giggled during assembly. When Katy and Mike finally left school, it was already dark. So, they took a shortcut from school. On the way to home, they found a big silver ball that’s made a buzzing sound, and a door began to slide open in it. A lot of aliens came out from the door. The aliens had chubby green bodies with ten fingers on each hand. These aliens were called "Ticklers" and they were spreading all over the villages. The Ticklers used their bendy arms and twenty fingers to tickle people. Katy and Mike didn't know what to do. Then, Katy got a brilliant idea to get rid of the aliens. They went back to school and when she got there, she went straight into the headteacher's office. Katy asked him to speak through a loudspeaker. Katy was planning on making the headteacher speak into the loudspeaker because he was so boring and he would put the aliens to sleep. Then they would want to go back to where they came from. Her plan worked, it really worked!! The Ticklers left and hopefully they won't come back ever again! I would highly recommend this book to those who are interested in science fiction. This book is about the aliens invading Earth. The author, Paul Shipton, is very creative. In the book, the aliens called "Ticklers" because they like to tickle people. And the end of the book is very funny, Katy used a

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