The Night of the Full Moon Essay

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Malan is a middle-aged woman from a little village. She is married with a man, with whom she does not feel happy. Her husband always wanted a son, (p.3, l. 19-20) but through the years, she gave birth to girls only. (p.3, l. 22-23) The girls came to the world uninvited and departed without leave.(p.3, l. 23-24) Only one Minnie remained. (p.3, l. 25) No one believed that Malan and Minnie ware mother and daughter: they looked like sisters (p.1, l. 1-2) People from the village, always showered Minnie with compliments. Minnie had large gazelle eyes (p.3, l. 26-27) and long black hair, just like her mother Malan, (p.3, l. 27-28) but she was taller than her mother. (p.1, l. 2-3) Minnie was due to wed. (p.1, l. 32-33) Malan feels lonely, even though she was married. She does not love her husband. He was too occupied with the pursuit of money. (p. 5, l. 19-20) But, there is somebody, whom she truly loves. Even though she had restrained herself all these years, (p.1, l. 30-31) he still comes to her. When he came again, as he had promised, she decided to open the door for him. Passion that had been held in check for over twenty years burst its banks and carried the one the flood. (p.6, l. 17-19). They went to the Bo tree outside of the village. (p.6, l. 20-21) She had her daughter’s new bangles on her arms and sequined dupatta on her head. If she had known what kind of troubles would bring this night with a loved one, she would never have opened that door. But, it is too late, people from the village saw her. They thought that it was Minnie with a stranger, just 4 days before wedding. The rumor quickly swept across the village. People began to accuse and insult Minnie. Malan sat still as if turned to stone. (p.7, l. 30) When Minnie heard all the talk, she began to deny everything, but people continued to accuse her with something she did not commit. It was too hard for

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