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“Ahh,” scorching sweat covered my body as I lay on this rock hard mattress full of springs. It is dark and cold like an abandoned cave in sixty degree weather. The sour aroma of feet and blood filled my nose as I start to feel another contraction. “Ahh,” I scream as I squeeze harder against the bed rails. Why me? Why now? The thought of my whole life changing any minute sickened me. What is a soft-ball playing, cannot stand to be at home, want to have fun all the time kind of girl like me suppose to do with a baby? I had always looked forward to being a normal teenage girl; playing softball and going out on the weekends with my friends. The doctor walked in to examine me, whatever that meant. As I lay there staring at the ceiling, I pray that the baby is healthy, the doctor says, “it is time to push.” I was so nervous. All I could think about was how hard it was going to be to take care of a baby. Then it hit me, the feeling of a thousand pounds pushed against my chest and a lump as big as my fist filled my throat. There was a loud ringing noise that incaved my ears as I scream and push. The pain was unbearable. My legs were numb, my head was pounding, and my back felt like someone had jumped on it twenty times. Before I knew it I was holding a six pound eight ounce baby in my arms. “Brilynne,” I said to my mom as I look into his eyes. He is so fragile and cold, his fingers are wrinkled and purple. As he was looking around the room, he finally found me. Making eye contact with my baby made my heart melt. He has beautiful blue eyes and soft, straight brown hair. I was so amazed at how precious this little bundle of joy was after being inside of me for nine months. Unrolling the blankets to see to his stomach, I find a birthmark right above his navel, the size of a paperclip. It was red with little dots around it. February 17, 2011. Waking up to a baby crying at

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