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The New York Times The New York Times The New York Times is an American daily newspaper founded and continuously published in New York City since 1851. Although it remains both the largest local metropolitan newspaper in the United States as well as third largest overall behind The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, the weekday circulation of the paper has nonetheless fallen precipitously in recent years to fewer than one million copies daily for the first time since the 1980s. Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. was named chairman of The New York Times Company in 1997. In 2003, though, he faced a humiliation after a young reporter, J. Blair, was found to have fabricated dozens of stories. But this wasn’t the ultimate challenge for Sulzberger. Ahead of him were the profound changes in communication technology and in the U.S. political climate, which were more threatening then anything else. With the rapid development of technology and the worldwide spread of information through Internet, people started to lose interest in the paper based news. Despite all that has happened, they still invested into the Times in the belief that quality journalism pays in the long run and that The New York Times has a stature and a position of journalistic authority that is greater than any news organization in the world (Cravens, Piercy, 2009). After pointing Keller Executive Editor, the newspaper was subject to a chain of changes, which beneficiated it in several ways. At considerable expense, the paper has redesigned a half-dozen of its sections and upgraded its global culture coverage. Another important change that was implemented was to invest in television news. In 2003, they moved beyond production into distribution, becoming half-owners of Discovery Times, operated in partnership with Discovery Communications Inc. Online, the Times already was making serious money. The Times

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