The New Prejudice Essay

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“The new format of prejudice: how has it caused the world to be separated?” A problem in this country has always been prejudice behaviors. For example, prejudice behaviors were presented during slavery time when Caucasians mistreated African Americans because of racial differences or when men mistreated and disrespected women as if they were an item instead of a person. As time as went on in life, this researcher has noticed and will prove that prejudice behaviors of money has affected how legal system in reference to murder and drug court cases as well as how money has separated people in social settings not just in living situations but mentally and socially. Outline I. The history of money A. The barter system B. The United States Dollar 1. The researcher will utilize the book entitled Money and Trade which focus on the barter system and the value of the United States Dollar. This book will assist the learner with gathering different forms of the barter system and how gold and silver was traded off for food, cattle, and horses. Murphy, A. E. (1997). Money and Trade. Florence: Routledge. II. Judicial Review A. I will buy you B. Crack versus Powder Cocaine 1. The researcher will gather information from the book entitled Cocaine Politics. This book will assist the learner of understanding how the government has played key roles in drug trafficking especially politicians and the CIA. III. Socioeconomics/Political Power A. Socialization 1. Class 2. Race a. The researcher will use several resources during which include information from (American Lung Association, 2001; Smith KR, 2000). The article that will be used presented the researcher with a great definition to socioeconomics to the degree of class, race, and gender. B. Politics 1. The researcher will use different articles and compile information about lobbyists and economic support

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