The New Momism

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The New Momism” 1) Thesis: “This book is about the rise in media of what we are calling the “new momism” . . . The new momism is a highly romanticized and yet demanding view of motherhood in which the standards for success are impossible to meet. . . . We seek to reclaim this term, rip it from its misogynistic origins, and apply it to an ideology, that has snowballed since the 1980s and seeks to return women to the Stone Age.” (Douglas and Michaels, 4) 2) Supporting Statement: A: “The ‘new momism” is a set of ideals, norms, and practices, most frequently and powerfully represented in the media, that seem on the surface to celebrate motherhood, but which in reality promulgate standards of perfection that are beyond your reach.” (Douglas and Michaels, 4-5) In other words, the media puts forth an image of motherhood that seems to praise motherhood, which, in turn, erects certain standards. These standards are, however, not fully attainable. In this way, this statement supports Douglas and Michael’s claim that they want to apply the “new momism” to an ideology that essentially oppresses women. B: “The fulcrum of the new momism is the rise of a really pernicious ideal in the late twentieth century . . . labeled “‘intensive mothering.’” . . . The yuppie work ethic of the 1980s, which insisted that even when you were off the job you should be working –on your abs, your connections, your portfolio, whatever—absolutely conquered motherhood. The new momism has become unavoidable . . . for one basic reason: Motherhood became one of the biggest media obsessions of the last three decades, exploding especially in the mid-1980s and continuing unabated to the present. Women have been deluged by an ever-thickening mudslide of maternal media advice, programming, and marketing that powerfully shapes how we mothers feel about our relationships with out own kids and, indeed,
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