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The New Lord Of The Rings, Andrew Jennings, 1996 Essay

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International Issues in Sport

Book Review:

The New Lord of the Rings, Andrew Jennings, 1996

The New Lord of the Rings, Andrew Jennings: Pocket Books, 1996. 360 pp.

The New Lord of the Rings, Andrew Jennings an investigative journalist, reports that the Olympic Games, the most important sport event in the world, are corrupted by the very people who organize and own it, the International Olympic committee (IOC). The Olympic contract affirms that the Olympic Games are the exclusive property of the IOC, which owns all rights. IOC members can serve for life or at least until age 80, depending on when they were nominated by the IOC president.
The book explains problems of corruption in the Olympics that concern most of the population. The games are meant to benefit the sports of the world and to belong to all of us but in reality the International Olympic Comity own and control the game. Everyone interested in the Olympics should read this book specially journalists, athletes who should ask more questions about the corrupted Games.

Andrew Jennings has worked as an investigation reporter since the late 60’s and in 1986 he has been refused to broadcast his documentary about corruption in the Scotland Yard. His reaction was to give up his job and transform the material in his first book. The popular games which theoretically are owned by the public and its participants are in reality owned by a little circle of officials generating an amazing life style. The book is important to all fans and athletes who ingenuously think that the Olympic belong to all of us.

The last edition of this book has been translated into twelve languages. After the first publication many people came forward to disclosure more information of dope tests covered, sex scandals and brides paid to win gold medals, affirm Jennings. All indicating the International Olympic Committee responsible for being arbitrary, forming a cartel and stuffing the ICO Chief and other official’s bank...

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