The New Girl Essay (Danish Student)

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The New Girl Essay 04-02-2013(Danish Student) The majority of us have buried racism in a small coffin deep into our subconscious, though some of our memories keep striking back. In Marc Mitchells true story "The New Girl" these distant memories are put on display, and shows the true horrors of black and white, as the white neighborhood of Prospect Street welcomes a new family, and within that family, The New Girl. The New Girl is about an unpleasant time in the small neighborhood of Prospect Street, where two white kids interact with a black girl, for what I assume must be the first time. Marc and Allison are the two white kids who are respectively 8 and 10 years of age, they also happened to be friends by default due to them being the only kids in the neighborhood. Marc and Allison gets interrupted in their routinely goofing around, as they meet the daughter of the newly arrived black family. Marc sees the opportunity to get a new friend, but that hope is crushed by Allison, as she insults the black girl in a racist manner, and tells her to leave them alone. Marc is shocked to hear Allison's reaction, but he chooses to jump on the wagon and says ”yeah niggers are stupid". A few months later the black family moves away, and as the years has passed Marc Mitchell still thinks of the black girl, but he sure does hope that she has forgotten all about him. Allison is a very young girl who has been negatively influenced by her surroundings and not least her parents. Despite not knowing anything about different races, different cultures and such, she achieves to judge the new girl upon sight. "Mom says they're going to ruin our house." -Allison "How are they going to ruin your house?" -Narrator "I don't know..." -Allison The dialogue above is a remarkable example of her lag of knowledge, as she just assumes that her mother’s statement is correct, almost
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