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The New Deal Essay

  • Submitted by: dhopkins12
  • on April 19, 2012
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Donald Hopkins
Week 6 homework
20th Century American History
Due date August 27th, 2011

The new deal was proposed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to deliver America out of the great depression.   The programs and laws the president had gotten passed in his first one hundred days in office gave America a step in the right direction. Even with all of this progress of putting America on the road to recovery, there was still a group of people who remained outside the reach of his New Deal.
The group of people who were outside the reach of the New Deal was the Farmers.   Overproduction of crops had caused gluts in the farm market which resulted in dropping prices, and, in turn, sending farmers' incomes plummeting.   The passage of the Agricultural Adjustment Act, Emergency Farm Mortgage Act and the Farm Credit Act were Roosevelt’s way of trying to fix the problem with Farmers.  
While the Agricultural Adjustment Act did help some in the beginning the impressive gains too often accrued to larger farm owners.   There were still millions of poor white and African American farmers who were outside the relief this act was supposed to alleviate.   All three of these acts provided for the elimination of surplus crops, establishment of parity prices, and the reduction of crop production by paying farmers to allow land to lie fallow.
As a result Farmers were looking for a way to increase their profits and believed they found it in new mechanized farming techniques.   The Farmers began buying plows and other farming equipment and as a result more than 5 million acres of previously unfarmed land was plowed and farmers were able to produce record crops.
But because the Market was not yet stabilized the over production of crops combined with the great depression led to severely reduced market prices.   As a result of falling prices farmers expanded their fields in hopes of turning a profit by covering the prairie with wheat in place of the natural drought-resistant grasses and left...

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