The New Atlantis Essay

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The New Atlantis Bacon’s chief contribution to the history of philosophy was his effort to reconstruct completely the construction and practice of science. Technology is the mark of modern life. From transportation to communication, sports, and medicine, every sphere of human life is influenced and shaped by modern technologies that continually change; change us, and the ways we live. Many of us can remember a time without computers or the internet, not to mention cable television or cell phones. Our great grandparents or grandparents could tell tales of life before the telephones or even before electricity and indoor plumbing. The human being has always been a technological creature. Our present age of technology is unique because it directs our newest technologies against our oldest technology. With modern technology, we all are technologists. We all believe in progress, but not all in the same way. Modern Technology has played an incredible role in philanthropy. The ways in which technology can be used for good continues to evolve. Online social networking has helped connect people. Websites are able to provide a platform for all sorts of projects, from getting start-up businesses launched to non profit work. The role technology plays in philanthropy is important, for example, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, after the Haiti disaster, an online resource was setup to allow people to search a database in effort to find or post information about love ones who were missing. The New Atlantis journal talks about the social and political dimensions of science and technology. The New Atlantis was an effort to clarify the nation’s moral and political understanding of all areas of technology. Technology during this period allowed economic and military control. Bacon helped to develop the study of the human mind, how it

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