The New and Old Campus of the University of Sulaimani Essay

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The Old and New Campus of the University of Sulaimani University is a place in which most of the branches of sciences are to be taught in a high level and academic way. Regarding a campus, it is an area of land which includes the buildings of an institution like university. The University of Sulaimani is one of the developed universities in Middle-East which is located in Kurdistan, Iraq. However, many differences could be noticed between the two campuses, old and new, of this university in terms of services and being near to the city center. A large number of students have graduated in the University of Sulaimani who studied in the old campus. The old campus situated in the city center which is really helpful for the students and teachers. For Example, if students or teachers want something, they will be able to achieve what they want in the nearby market easily. Speaking about services, it is not that good because the old campus has been constructed classically. Considering the classrooms which are small and do not have sufficient study materials. With all that being said, this university is able to help the students in receiving their academic degree. The newly constructed buildings of the new campus of this university are really useful; although, they have some drawbacks. This campus, in contrast to the old one, is far away from the city center. For that reason, it could be considered as a weak point of this campus. For instance, it is hard for the students and teachers to get their needs. When it comes to services, it is very good because it has been constructed recently and designed in a modern way. Additionally, the classrooms are very big and contained enough study materials. In spite of its being far from the city center, this campus is a beneficial one for both students and teachers as it has sufficient services.

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