The Nervous System Essay

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The Nervous System and the role it plays in your body David Honeycutt MS. Moore Concorde Career Institute Abstract The Nervous system is a very complex structure. It has have two categories and two sub categories. One of the main categories is called the Central Nervous System; it is made up of the spinal cord and brain and controls thought processes, guides movement, and registers sensations throughout the body. The other main category is the Peripheral Nervous System; it is made up of all the internal organs and controls them. One of the sub categories is call the somatic nervous system. It’s what lets you move your hands, feet, arms, legs, etc... The other sub category is the autonomic nervous system. It controls your lung, heart, stomach. In other words you have no control over it. The nervous system is a very complex and very important structure in your body. Without it we would always be hurting ourselves and our lungs and heart would not even work. It is made up of two main categories and two sub categories. The two main categories are called the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems. The two subcategories are called Somatic and Autonomic nervous systems. There are also many disease and disorders. But the most common one is called Alzheimer’s disease. The central nervous system is responsible for interpreting sensory information and responding in the correct way. It consists of two main parts: the spinal cord and brain. The brain is responsible for interpreting most sensory information and coordinating body function. It does it consciously and unconsciously. The Spinal cord is basically the road or pathway all the information goes to and from the brain. There are two types of tissue in the Central nervous system; they are called gray matter which consists of dendrites, axons, and nerve bodies. The other tissue is called white matter

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