The Neighbor (Short Story) Essay

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John stared open-mouthed as the ball soared majestically over the fence. His dad’s one of a kind signed baseball, had landed in the lawn of Ms. Joan. Ms, Joan is rumored to be the most wicked lady in town. Every kid that lives in that town doesn’t dare to take a step anywhere near her house. Make her mad and she will make you disappear, is what they say. Three years ago a boy named Rob knocked on her door because his friend’s dared him to. They say she welcomed him in, but after that day he was no were to be found. Rob’s parents moved to a different town and never knew about the dare. Till this day people wonder what ever really did exactly happen to Rob. A long time ago after the Rob incident Susie and Laura, which were John’s friends snuck in Ms. Joan’s backyard when she wasn’t home. They looked threw her basement window and saw a bunch of books on witch craft and some sort of “potions”, and other weird things.. But that’s not all they saw. On the very side of her basement there was a door and Laura said right before they left, she thought she saw a eye peeking out of the closet. Ever since then Laura has wondered what it was. Was is Rob? Was is maybe a family member or friend of hers that nobody knew about? These questions haunted her every night. She has only told one person about what she saw that day, and that person was John. As John heard the ball fall fiercely on the ground, he felt his heart skip a beat. Sweat built up on his face, as if it was a hot day in the middle of summer and the heat of the timid sun was taking over his face. He knew he had to get that ball out of her backyard and back in his hands were he can place it back in his dads room, before he got back from work. But all he can think about was Rob and what Laura had told him. What if he was the next person to go missing, and never be found, after trying to get that ball back? John knew he

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