The Negative Cultural Effects of Juicy J’s “Bands a Make Her Dance”

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We hear it everywhere: in movies, on popular television programs and TV ads. We see its influence in the types of clothing we wear, the brands we indulge in and especially in the way many of us communicate with each other. Young people embrace it and older people seem to be intrigued by what it represents. There is no doubt that Hip Hop music has been an integral part of popular culture in America for some time. Since the mid 1980’s, it has been deemed as a way for individuals of particularly urban backgrounds to express themselves and has also been embraced by those of non-urban backgrounds. However there are certain songs that serve as a black eye to the genre. In the song “Bands A Make Her Dance” by Juicy J the negative themes of female oppression and the glorification of money are highlighted. I propose that songs like this effect culture by perpetuating certain negative ideas about the role of women and money in our society. Hip Hop was conceived in the late 1970’s with artist such as The Sugar Hill Gang and the Fabulous Five. Back then, the idea behind creating this music was to express the struggles and culture of the urban individual, particularly African Americans. In addition, the music was about having a good time and this idea was clearly expressed in the lyrics of the day. Nevertheless by the late 1980’s as the popularity of Hip Hop approached its height, artists began to earn income that was unprecedented in the music industry. Many African Americans and people of color were not privy to such high incomes at the time. As a result more luxurious lifestyles were achieved and usually bolstered the male ego by attracting the attention of women. The 1980’s are also considered the years where flamboyance, the hardcore reality of drugs and gang violence were married together. By this time the ideas of women as sexual objects and money started to be the

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