The Need for Reform in the United States Justice System Essay

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From unjustified killings of minorities, to the arrest of non-violent offenders, The United States police department has only recently been criticized heavily for their atrocities. The extensive abuse of their power has lead to the unjustified incarceration of people and even death. Since the controversy of Furgeson, the police department needs to start treating their officers as they would treat every other person. Special treatment is unfair and promotes things like racial profiling. The United States need to reform the justice system and hold public servants accountable for their actions. In recent months, police officers in the United States have been the topic of controversy, due to unnecessary killings by white officers against blacks. On August 9th 2014, Michael Brown, who was caught shoplifting, got killed by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department. Due to the Rashomon effect, the exact details of the confrontation are unclear but evidence strongly suggests that Wilson unnecessarily killed Brown, who was unarmed. This is an example of law enforcement abusing their power to an unreasonable extent. According to popular opinion, Wilson could have easily subdued Brown without the use of deadly force. Another example of racially charged violence against minorities can been seen in the Tamir Rice incident. Rice was a 12 year old boy who was gunned down by authorities when he was seen reaching for his fake semi-automatic pistol. This topic is also heavily debated but the fact that the boy was fatally shot raises some questions about police behavior. His mother argues that he didn’t have a chance to cooperate. Sadly, cases like this are no surprise and need to be dealt with accordingly. In most cases, officers are acquitted of any crime which is why police officers need to held accountable for their actions. After weeks of protest by people all over

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