The Need for Others Essay

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I nearly collapse as I take my last few steps before coming to as stop. I’ll have a break for a while I thought to myself. I was crossing an old brick bridge that was well past its prime. The height of the bricks on the side was perfect for me to rest my arms on. I needed this break desperately. The throbbing in my feet was so intense that I could almost hear it. My mouth had been drained of every bit of moisture it once contained and my conscience had been praying that I end the torture. I stood on one foot to give the other a rest, quickly realizing that this does not help one bit. As I peek over the rough stones, I begin to think. What started as a small thought immediately sparked several more. I thought about how I managed to get where I was. How a five year old boy could fend for himself or why my parents led me to that situation. Although I had only been on my own for three hours, it felt like an eternity. At first, I thought I’d be tough about it. “I don’t need them,” I declared to myself over and over. I wondered about my parents. If they were worried about me or if they had even realized I ran away. Although I knew the answer, I convinced myself I did not. Soon enough, the confidence I once embraced had been diminished, and I began to lose composure. I gazed further and further away from the bridge. This gaze soon altered into a stare of wonderment and confusion. “What do I do,” I asked myself? I was cemented in a terrible situation. This was indefinitely the biggest decision I was forced to make in my young life. An ultimatum. Do I give in and attempt to return to my parents or do I continue my journey? Looking for an answer, I continued to peer over the worn down bridge. So many thoughts racing through my head. If I return, will my parents grab me and throw me up as they give me a fat hug like they used to, or will they be mad with me and lock me in my

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