The Need for Assistance in America Essay

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In “Still Hungry in America” the author Marian Wright Edelman makes claims towards the need for government assistance. She has been an advocate for the help of people in poverty. Marian Edelman is reaching out to the people of America to join the cause and help prevent starvation. “But as more months passed without enough federal response, I complained in frustration during a visit with Senator Kennedy…” (250) Even after showing senators and getting national attention from T.V. shows such as 60 Minutes, it still took months for a response from government officials. Marian Edelman had to stand against organizations trying to get rid of programs helping the lower class. After multiple attempts and campaigns to get government reforms, a safety net was finally put in place to prevent things such as starvation. Without this safety net, millions of Americans would struggle to put food on the table for themselves and their family. The senators of Mississippi had little idea on how some of their citizens really live like. Even government officials do not realize that people need help to put food in their mouth. It is unacceptable that in order for this cause to get attention, it took a senator by the name of Robert Kennedy to visit homes. He witnessed kids with bloated belly’s who had not eaten breakfast even though it was past noon. These people were starving because others who have yet to suffer didn’t know what it was like. They were the ones denying reforms and public aid, which could have prevented hungry children. Robert Kennedy brought national attention to this cause after witnessing it with his own eyes. The number one priority in a government should always try to help the majority of a public body. “Other leaders urged action to end hunger, and President Nixon kept responding by saying he was seeking peace in Vietnam.” (251) Government assistance programs were

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