The Necklace Essay

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The Necklace Multiple Contrasts Between wife and husband Desire and reality Poor and rich(what rich means) Needs and wants Her potential(her qualities) and her social status Reality and thoughts, reality and appearance Between discontent and reconciliation with who you are. The Necklace(*what it represents)*: Desired glamour Symbolically registers her vanity Lack of honesty Fakeness Trigger of her honesty Ironic discrepancy between who she appears to be and who she is Ironically brings out the best in her *Desire vs. lack of it. Our life is a perpetual lack(Lacan) She is greedy! Her friend is rich She is intoxicated with herself at the ball She felt the everyday wrap but also felt the poorness of it The buggy that only comes out at night: ashamed or unpresentable. She complained before but now she realizes that she was really living a middle class life and still had certain luxuries but now she is really living the poor life. Ten years to pay off the debt they were in She had become a strong women She still dreams of the glamour even now every once in a while. All for nothing But she grew as a person even though she lost ten years of her life. She is still a better person than she was before. It is still positive thing. Aesthetically effect {text:list-item} Moral Everything happens for a reason. A little thing can destroy you or save you Life is very unpredictable. Drafting you essay The thesis the soul of your

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