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Dimitra Petropoulou The Necklace “The Necklace” is a story written by Guy de Maupassant and delivers us messages which concern completely our times, even though the story was written in a period of time rather different from ours. The main character of this story is Mathilde Loisel, a pretty and charming lady, as described by the author, married to a clerk in the Ministry of Education. She and her husband are not well off financially and she finds her life rather miserable, not the life she dreamed of, that is, a life of leisure, living in a large home, having anything she desires. Her lifestyle is decidedly more modest. Ashamed of her social standing she no longer visits Madame Forestier, an old school friend who has become rich. But, when the Loisels are invited to a ball, Madame Loisel becomes very upset, insisting that she has nothing appropriate to wear. Her husband, despite their inadequate financial situation, strives to buy her a suitable dress in order to make her happy. However, Mathilde is still not fulfilled and wants to buy jewelry and then she thinks of her friend Madame Forestier and asks her to lend her a necklace. Satisfied at last, Madame Loisel arrives to the ball and looks astonishingly beautiful but in her return at home, she realizes she has lost the necklace and this perplexes even more her life and the financials of the Loisels. Our story unfolds in a way that we want to know the end, what will happen with all those twists that Guy de Maupassant uses. The “Necklace” is conspicuous of the use of “whip crack”, in which a plot twist at the end of the story completely changes the story’s meaning. In my opinion another factor that makes this story that interesting is the irony that the author uses to produce a surprise ending in this short story. He gives us a contrast between the

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