The Nature Of Love Essay

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The Nature of Love Summery The science of affection is shown in Hallows’ paper, The Nature of Love. Hallow did various experiments that showed that infant monkeys will bond to soft warm things that feel affectionate, even a fake wire doll representing a surrogate mother with food does not compete. Whenever a terrifying stimulus was brought into the cage with the baby monkey, it would run to the cloth monkey. His research proved that the “bonding hormone” is released when infants breast feed, and when they are being groomed. The paper consists of descriptive diagrams that help to illustrate the information. Main points Children as well as monkeys become attached to whatever gives them any type of affection such as warmth, shelter, or comfort. A child may become insecure, primed, and anxious in relationships when they are adults, if they don’t have a caregiver in their early years who took proper care of them. The need for contact comfort is greater the need to discover and explore. Reflection After reading the nature of love it got me thinking about what exactly love is. It’s hard to say that the monkey loved the surrogate cloth mother just because it clung to it when it was scared. I don’t necessarily call that love, I call that the natural instinct to be protected. We all make our own safety a first priority in most situations and I feel that this is the case in this experiment with the monkeys .I know that Hollow’s was a genius, so, he probably knows a lot more about it then I do but that’s just my opinion. I don’t think it is right to just associate love with attachment alone. I think love is a lot more than that, for instance, I think it is a multitude of emotions and feelings that become meanings like attraction or pleasure. It does not seem or imply to me in any way in this experiment that the monkey cared for the surrogate. It is only

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