The Nanking Massacre

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The Nanking Massacre Not many people know or understand what really happened in Nanking, China during the Nanking Massacre. The Nanking Massacre, also known as “The Rape of Nanking,” is an example of inhuman treatment by the Japanese Army to Chinese civilians. In the incident, many Chinese civilians were tortured, raped and murdered. The torture that the Japanese applied to the native population at Nanking almost surpasses the limits of human comprehension and includes live burials, mutilation and dog attacks. Japanese soldiers would force one group of Chinese captives to dig a grave, a second group to bury the first, and then a third group to bury the second and so on. Some victims were partially buried to their chests or necks so that so that they would endure further agony, such as being hacked to pieces by swords or run over by horses and tanks. Mass incineration was a favorite kind of torture for Japanese soldiers. A Japanese soldier would bind Chinese captives together and pushed them into a pit where they were soaked with gasoline and burnt alive. An American woman, Minnie Vautrin, who kept a diary which has been likened to that of Anne Frank wrote: "How many thousands were mowed down by guns or bayoneted we shall probably never know. For in many cases oil was thrown over their bodies and then they were burned." One diabolical means of torture was to bury victims to their waist and watch them get ripped apart by German shepherds. “Witnesses saw Japanese soldiers strip victim naked and direct German shepherds to bite the sensitive areas of his body. The dogs not only ripped open his belly but jerked out his intestines along the ground for a distance”. The Rape of Nanking was one of the greatest mass rapes in world history. In six weeks, approximately 20,000 women were raped in Nanking. The Japanese soldiers raped Nanking women from

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