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The N-Word The N-word can be considered one of the most argumentative words in the dictionary. By argumentative I mean that it is the starter for a lot of disputes in America. In the article NACCP Symbolically Buries the N Word, by Corey Williams, he talks about how the word is used as a friendship term and a racial slur. There are three different aspects to the N-word which are: how it originated, how it is used positively, and how it is used negatively. It is a term used by all different ethnicities, and it is now one of the most offensive words in America. Most people use the word Nigger as slang, but do not understand the origin of the word. The word started at the time when African Americans were traded to Americans by the Portuguese as slaves. The term at the time was not meant to be demeaning to the African Americans. The Portuguese had called the African Americans “Negros” which meant black in Spanish and the Americans then changed that word to “Nigger”. Later on after the civil rights movement, the definition for that word became, “a low life person”. Today, there are two different ways people use this word. The first way is “Nigger” and it is used as a racial slur against African Americans. The second way is “Nigga” and that is used by African Americans when talking to their friend. The number one argument of this word is, why is it okay for African Americans to use this word if they are so entirely offended by it? That is the one question that seems to never be answered because what seems to be lack of responsibility in the African American race for refusing to stop using it themselves. In reality there is no positive way in which someone can use this word because in the dictionary it is defined as an insult. However, African Americans have taken a spin on the word and used it in pop culture. The hypocrisy was best described in the article when

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