The Myths of Drug Trafficking and the Ghetto

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Running Head: MYTHS ON DRUG TRAF 1 1 1. Good job on your title page! [Denise Long (TA)] Myths on Drug Trafficking and the Ghetto Lisa Priebe ENG122: English Composition II Doctor Candy Henry October 6, 2012 Drug trafficking in the United States has depleted the country drastically and the actions that have been taken to eliminate the problem have not been very successful. The 2 law enforcement’s focus is not directed in the proper areas and it needs to be rerouted to where it begins and where the biggest problems stem from. Until the focus is taken away from the ghetto as the core of the drug business the amount of drugs in our society will not decrease. The main argument is based on the opinions that the drug trafficking is centered on the ghetto and/or the projects and the Blacks, Latinos, and Mexicans are responsible. That 2. You're off to a good start with your introduction here. Think about how you could expand on it a bit more. [Denise Long (TA)] -1- is not a logical assumption because where drugs are sold is not the real concern, 1 manufacturing and distributing the drugs is the head of the totem pole. Beliefs are that if they work their way up from the bottom eventually they will get to the top and that is not logical either. Authorities depend on taking the typical drug dealers of the street in hopes they will tell on who they work for and this does generate some results, but it is never enough. Granted there are more of the lower income areas selling drugs, as well as using them, but that is not the main source. Middle and upper class areas are plagued with drugs also, but it is more of a secretive act on their part. The percentage of drug use in higher class societies is phenomenal. (Wise, 2001) 2 1. Make sure that you have research to support these claims. Even if you're paraphrasing, you need to include a citation. [Denise
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