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Death and New Beginnings This short story “The Moths” was written by Helena Maria Viramontes. When I first read this story I didn’t really find it interesting or didn’t get what this story was really about. I knew that it was going to take me awhile to understand this story because I just wasn’t interested in it. By reading this story over and over I was able to somewhat be able to get what the story “The Moths” was about and try to interpret what I thought about it. To me this story is mainly about a young girl trying to find her identity. The young girl is the narrator telling her story, sharing her emotions and how she feels throughout this emotional part of her life. She is a young troubled teen who seems to have trouble with such…show more content…
With Abuelita having cancer and not having many days left to live the young girl wants to take care of her. For all the time Abuelita was there for the young girl, the young girl thought it was just the right thing to do, to be there for her. No matter what the young girl still looks after Abuelita and takes care of her. For instance she would help with Abuelita when she needed help. She would always go over to Abuelitas house and help her with different things such as, planting wild lilies or different types of spices like cilantro (Viramontes 1176). The part that got me to where I knew that the young girl cared for Abuelita as much as Abuelita cared for her was when, at the end when she already knew that Abuelita had died she still cared for her by giving her a wash and just taking the time to be by her side. I felt like the end was really the main part of this story and that’s when I figured out what was the main point behind this whole story. At the end I was able to realize why this story was called “The Moths”. When she was holding Abuelita in the bathtub, she said “I heard you” (Viramontes 1179). While she was in the bathroom holding Abuelita that is when the moths were coming out of Abuelitas mouth filling up the bathroom. The young girl then remembered when Abuelita once said, “...the moths that lay within the soul and slowly eat the spirit up” (Viramontes 1179). In which the moths that…show more content…
Not only does this story represent life and death but our group also felt like this story was about hope. When I read Makenzie Flaska’s Paper “Life, Death and Moths,” I see that to her this story is about hope. “Abuelita taught the narrator many things and it may have taken her awhile to understand them, but I feel like she finally got it at the end of the story “said Flaska. I agree that this story is both about hope, rebirth, and many other things. It depends on how you take in the story. For example, a quote in the story that our group thought was significant was when the narrator said " the scars on her back were as thin as the life lines on the palms of her hands made me realize how I really knew about Abuelita"(Viramontes 1179). At the end she realizes how much her grandmother meant to her, and she never realized how little she knew about her. Everyone in our group thought that this quote goes to show that no matter how close you might seem to be to someone, you may never know everything about them. You never know when someone is going to leave so don't take them for granted cherish every moment you have with them. Although endings are unavoidable, they are necessary. In the end of the story when the girl cries and then feels relief she realizes ending are not always a good thing because it’s sad to see someone go (Viramontes 1179). With the girl feeling relief she also realize endings

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