The Muthafuckin Man Essay

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There were a couple videos that I watched today. These videos included printers, ports, and display devices. Each was a couple minutes long with a noteworthy electronic commentator. In the printers clip, it explained the differences between parallel and USB ports to plug in and operate the printer. With a parallel port printer, usually these types of printers are inkjet and LaserJet. Other printers use serial ports. Some examples serial ports are used for are label printers, serial printers, digital cameras, PC to PC connections. Printers also can have the Bluetooth wireless feature built in them. Some applications used for this is keyboards and mouse. In the second clip I watched the guy was explaining the different types of printers. Specifically LaserJet printers. That some LaserJet models have a powered ink system that automatically feeds the ink through the printer so it can be eventually printed on the page. These types of printers are called Laserprinters. The toner that is used in making a print is stored in the printer. Toner allows the ink to stick to the paper. So the print can be bold and flushed onto the paper. The video also talked about how to properly distinguish the type of printer you have to match up with the ink cartridge you buy. You have to make sure that the ink cartridges match the printer model. This procedure is necessary when trying to change out your ink cartridges because over the year different models are being made and your particular model printer that you have could possibly be out of date with the type of ink cartridge that you have. The third clip that we watched dealt with display devices. Display devices are for example your television, your computer monitor, and any type of screen orientated device. There are 3 different types of display devices that were presented in the clip. Liquid Crystal Display

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