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The music industry is a rather fascinating industry. It has been the source of many great musicians and lately brought to fame many people who wouldn’t have been able to do so on their own. Recording arts changed a lot over the years. One can see the focus of mainstream music shifting from 4-chord rock in the ‘60’s to the new wave of synth-pop of the new millennia. Recording artists have to go with the times or lose a job, which might not even be available in 5 years anyway. Music has played a very big roll in my life. I have been listening to music since I was a young boy. I clearly remember listening to my dad play The Beatles album Rubber Soul in the car every time my brother and I were picked up to go over his house. Ever since, I have been a huge Beatles fan and I always will be. The first instrument I learned to play was violin in third grade. After playing for the whole year, I got bored and played trumpet in the whole year in fourth grade. Unfortunately, I became bored of that as well. During sixth and seventh grade, I became eager to learn how to play guitar. In eighth grade, I took a beginners guitar class and have been playing since. In tenth grade, I had to do a book project in English class. My private guitar instructor recommended me to read Here, There, and Everywhere, which was written by Geoff Emerick, the sound engineer of The Beatles, and is about all the different recording techniques used by The Beatles in their songs. After reading it, I became very interested in recording and becoming a sound engineer. In twelfth grade, I went to the Long Island High School for the Arts (Lisa,) in addition to my public high school. At Lisa, I took recording a class as well as an ear training, music theory, and music history class, and played guitar. In my recording class, I learned how to use recording programs such as Logic and Pro Tools.

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