The Mower's Song

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In the poem, The Mower’s Song, the author is comparing his life to a meadow. It is also a love poem because his heart was broken by Juliana and he is pining for her and it is truly tearing him apart. I think his purpose for writing this poem was to express his sorrows of betrayal and his feelings about the situation he is in. His mood seems very pessimistic and depressed and he also seems like he has self-destructive and suicidal thoughts. One example of this is when he states, “And flowers, and grass, and I and all, Will in one common ruin fall.” That seems really sad to me and it is obvious he is suffering. I also noticed that while he feels betrayed and was hurting, the meadow bloomed with life and fullness. These two things contrast his bad feelings of betrayal to the happiness of the meadow blooming with life. It was like the meadow grew and fed off of his sorrow because the more he felt, the more it would grow. His sorrow is that he is not the center of the world and it doesn’t revolve around him. The he talks about the flowers not growing, symbolizing his and Juliana’s love that isn’t blossoming as the mower hoped would happen. The fact that Juliana’s name was in all capital letters in the poem and it really drew my attention to it because she is obviously an important person to the author if she is making him feel this way and she is also the reason he is writing it. The author is very personal in the poem and let’s anyone who reads it know exactly how he is feeling. He also starts to blame nature for being unnatural, when it is actually doing exactly what it is supposed to. It almost seems like he thinks that nature is taking him for granted for all of the services he provides for it. He then seems to think that revenge is his new motivation in life and that because he isn’t with Juliana, when he cuts the grass he will also fall. In the end of the poem, the
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