The Moving Finger Essay

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Summary of the Moving Finger Chapter one Chapter one details the death of Mrs Grancy, Mr Grancy’s wife. She had not been liked and had not “contributed any perceptible momentum to the social machine”. She controlled Grancy’s life and her “niche was her husband’s life”. She squeezed into the space of his life, and it was “not large enough” for her implosive character. Grancy’s life had revolved around his late wife, and it had been a “sedulously cultivated enclosure”. It appears that his wife had held a suffocating grip on him and her “safe insidious egotism”. His friends felt she had robbed him of his happiness, and only her “death released him”. It scared them to wonder “how much of the man she had carried with her in her death”. Grancy only “burst into flower” when his second wife was in the picture. She is described beautifully, as being young and vibrant with an “inner light” of a carefree teenager. Her eyes were young with the “stored youth of half a life time”. Grancy had met her in the East, a prized jewel who “was the most beautiful and complete of explanations”. Claydon was a painter who became intrigued with Mrs. Grancy’s beauty. It was unfathomable, like “the last page is never turned”. It is hard to grasp just how beautiful she was and she belonged to one man, she “wasn’t their Mrs Grancy-or ours even-but Ralphs”. Claydon painted the portrait of Mrs Grancy beautifully. It seemed to mark the beginning of their destiny. Grancy gave up his town house. His friends saw Grancy less often. Claydon was also interestingly accused of visiting him and his wife to only look at the portrait he had painted. It was also hinted that Claydon was in love with Mrs. Grancy, in a very subtle way. Chapter two At the beginning of chapter two we are not too sure who is narrating the events. The narrator, Grancy’s friend had heard news whilst in Rome, that Mrs Grancy had

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