The Movie Crash Discussion Questions

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1. What is the significance of the title? In the begining of the movie there was crime scene which shown a car crash, the word "Crash" is symbolic for the culture shock we experience when in our everyday lives we "crash" into people from many different races, religions, and nationalities. The movie brings out the assumptions we have about ppl from different cultures with whom we interact in the course of our daily lives. 2. Why does the director choose to see interestiong storyline throughout the film? The director uses a car accident in Los Angeles and brought together a very diverse group of people. As their lives collide, the issue of racism and racial profiling is clearly shown and explored, while each of these people individually…show more content…
Why does Camerson say his wife "you got to find out what it's really like being black"? I believe that Camerson made that statement because he belives that his wife may not have really experienced what it is to be "black" there are some reason that prove that theory because she thinks that the way he husband reacted when she was getting fondled by the police officer was the wrong way to act. She thought that he was supposed to lash out and defend her and Cameron knew that those actions would only make it worst and give the officer every right to defend him self and altimelty arrest him. 7. Why is the figurine of St. Christopher an important symbol in the film? 8.John tells Tommy, "you think you know who you are; you have no idea." Do you think Tommy is too idealistic in this thinking? How do you feel about what he does at the end of the film? I believe that tommy made that statement because he is thinking in an idealistic way. Tommy believes that over time in that department or the line of work he will find out how and what he really thinks of the people they deal with. 9.What do you think exposure to violence and corruption does to a person? Does it chang them? Justify their actions? What example do you see in this
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