The Move That Changed My Life Essay

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The bitter tears were pouring down my face as I laid on my bed. My parents had just told me that we were going to be moving from Alabama to Florida. For a ten year old girl, that is the worst news that someone can give you. Telling you that you are going to have to leave all of your friends, your family, your school, pretty much everything that you know, and move to a new place where there is nothing familiar to you literally makes you feel like your world is coming to an end. I was so angry at my parents for making us move and I just knew that nothing good was going to come from it. Eight years ago my father became very ill. There were frequent trips to the hospital and doctor’s office. Finally, after one of his treatments the doctor said that he needed to go to florida to see specialist. My parents sat my siblings and I down one day and told us that they were going to be flying to Florida that weekend for my father to receive treatment. Eventually it started becoming an every weekend thing that my parents were having to fly down here. Of course this is not at all cheap thing to do. After about a month and a half of consecutive weeknd trips to florida my parents decided that they couldn’t afford to keep going back and forth anymore, but my dad couldn’t afford to not receive his treatment either. That is when they made the decision that changed my whole family’s life for

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