The Mother's Storytelling Essay

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The mothers’ storytelling Amy Tan uses storytelling to help us get to know her characters numerous times throughout, The Joy Luck Club. Each character is described through their stories as a child and as an adult, through their points of view. An-Mei was considered, a strong spirited girl in her childhood story, after her mother died, when she said, “And on that day, I learned to shout.” (Tan 272). She behaved very bravely after that because she knew that she could stand up for herself no matter what the circumstances were. She knew that she had a voice and that she could use it. An-Mei expresses her story as a child to her daughter, Rose when she didn’t use her voice to defend herself when her marriage was falling apart. An-Mei refers to Rose when she said, “If she doesn’t speak, she is making a choice. If she doesn’t try, she can lose her chance forever.” (241). By telling her story to Rose, An-Mei was able to encourage her daughter to use her voice and not let Rose’s husband or anyone else tell her what to do and control her. She was able to convince her daughter that she was her own person, and that nothing could change that unless she let it happen. This had a large impact on Rose and she did learn to use her voice, just like her mother. All of the mother’s and their daughter’s in The Joy Luck Club, were affected by each other’s stories. Each one gave them both, advice on how they could improve their lives by not making the same mistakes that their mother’s had. Not only did the stories help better the daughter’s lives, but they also brought the mother’s and the daughter’s closer together because the daughter’s never really knew what their mother’s went through and now they understand
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