The Most Important Thing in Life Essay

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Being a good friend means being consistently there in good and bad times. A strong friendship will be able to endure both the good as well as the trying times. Make sure that you are there. There are some things that many people think are important in life. What are some of these? A) HEALTH -Without having good health, a person would just die, like a car that hasn’t been maintained in a long time. Some people just take health for granted, until they get sick and miss being able to do normal everyday tasks without a struggle. You don’t miss it until you don’t have it anymore. A lot of people say the happiness and joy is much more valuable than being healthy. This may be true but think of this: Having only good health is much better than just being happy. Which would you rather be? Happy but sick or healthy but sad? Mental health is also an important thing. Some mental diseases can make someone physically disabled or may be the result of a physical injury. People with good emotional health can maintain themselves through life and cope with problems such as stress and failure. Having good mental health can improve your physical ability. Imagine getting ready for a soccer match, but you’re extremely depressed because something bad happened to you that you weren’t able to cope with. Then, getting out there in the field and not at all ready to score a goal. People with good mental health can get over bad things that make them feel upset. Just because something bad happened to someone, it doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY thing going on. Someone’s dog died, they still have to go to work, provide for their family and do everyday things. B) FRIENDSHIP The most important relationships that we have in our lives are our friendships. There have been numerous studies that have demonstrated how our friendships make us the people we are in many different ways. How we choose our
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