The Most Important Person in Your Life Essay

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Tao Xia Since the day we came into the world, there have been a large amount of people we’ll encounter in our life. Some of them are our families, some are our friends, and the others may be those who are just passing by. However, there are three influential people in my life: my mother, my English teacher Miss Yang, and my best friend Tony. The first one is my mother, she is kind and patient. When I was a child, she sent me to school and picked me up every day. Whatever difficulties I had , she could always come up with different ideas and help me solve the problems. Once my teacher wanted me to write a short essay at home, it took me one hour that I even couldn’t think out a title. Seeing this condition, mother stopped washing clothes and sat beside me. Then she asked me to write my clock on the desk, she told me the shape of the clock and its function. With her help, I completed the essay eventually. When I grow up, she can still help me deal with my physical and mental troublesomeness. If I was ill, she was the first person who came to take care of me. The second person is my English teacher at middle school, Miss Yang. Because of her, most of the students including me in our class developed good English foundations. In addition, we always got good scores in the test. What’s more, she is not only my teacher, but also my friend. Sometimes, I may quarrel with classmates or be in a bad mood, Miss Yang would communicate with me and make me happy. She also helped me cope with various questions patiently every time. The last one would be my best friend, Tony. He is a tall, strong and handsome guy. So far, we have known each other over ten years. In summer holiday, we take exercises in the morning and play basketball in the afternoon. When we are playing on the court, we seem full of energy. Even if we became exhausted after playing for a few hours,

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