The Most Important Person in My Life

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The most important person in my life Have you had your world to turn 360 degrees in one minute ? It happened to me. I was so happy that day, because I have not seen my friends for a long time and we were walking down the streets of our city, talking and laughing as usual. But even I was happy I have this kind of sense that something not good will happen soon. And there we go - my grandmother called me to tell me awful news about my dad. Something was going on with him and I was scared to find out what. I was sitting in the corridor of the hospital and was waiting to hear what was happening to my father. The smell of medicines and the atmosphere there suppressed me. The walls of the hospital were white, but even white the whole place was somehow dark. I have never loved to go to hospitals, the view of people, who are almost lifeless and are lying on beds in the middle of the corridors drives me crazy. While I and my family were waiting for the doctor, I did not talk with any of them. Just sitting there and thinking about how far from each other me and my father have become. I go back to the past and realized how frustrated I was of him because of the control that he had over me. Almost all of the time we had painful conflicts, not only mentally, but also physically. We did not talk to each other with months and in my own home I was feeling like I am stranger. The problems between us were coming from his desire to protect me from everything, even with the means of restricting my personal freedom. Finally after two hours waiting for the doctor, he came to us. He said that my dad had cirrhosis and had a chance not to be healed. That was the moment in which my world came down and I realized that no matter how often we fought and what words we said to each other he was the most important person in my life. I was sorry that we
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