The Most Important Person in My Life

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The Most Important Person in My Life, My Dad My father is the most important person in my life. Why? He has always shown and given my siblings and I everything we would need in life. He encourages me to work hard, as he is a very hard worker and down to earth man who doesn’t let failure rule his life. He always says, “Hard work is the key to success and everything life has to offer.” I remember his words evermore now that I am far away from home. My father is special and more than a friend to me in the sense that he always cares, loves, advises, and motivates me to work hard in everything I do. He teaches me to be myself always tell the truth. My father is 57 years of old. He is of medium height and keeps in shape by jogging daily. He graduated from Colorado School of mines with a Master’s and doctorate degree in Metallurgical Engineering. Back home in Zambia, he worked as a scientist in one of the Zambian Government research institution and he currently owns his own Iron and Steel mine. I would say that my father’s life story is a rags to riches one. He did not come from much but through hard work he has been able to achieve his dreams and support his family. When my parents came back from the US to work for the government, they had very little. But, my father came up with the idea of baking and selling buns in order to support us. We always walked far to school until finally, he was promoted and was able to fully support us. This is the kind of hard work I would love to emulate. He encourages me to work hard and be independent. He would say, and continues to do so, that no one can ever take your education away from you. It is funny because when he would tell my siblings and i this, we look at each other and say, “here we go again.” My father was always at work and rarely had time to spend with me, but whenever he was at home, he would always make the time

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