The Most Important Job Essay

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As society evolves and knowledge is more and more accessible to us, it seems that we not only have a keener desire for knowledge, but in turn, have an equal if not greater hunger for validation. Our Mothers and Grandmothers did not look for substantiation through the degrees hung on their walls, nor did they seek approval and worth by means of earning the most sizable salary. Instead, they looked for substantiation through the strict upkeep of their home, and they gained approval and worth by maintaining the structure and sanity of their family units. Have we really evolved as a gender, or have we simply traded the title of unofficial CEO of our families to embark on a quest of vanity to obtain a formal CEO position at a corporation? It is my firm belief that modern women are so focused on acquiring the rank of bread-winner within their households that they have lost sight of the very structure that has contributed to successful families in past generations. I will examine four major distinguishing elements of relationships or household structures, relative to that of modern interpretation as well as a more traditional approach; the concept of household contributions, the satisfaction of self-growth, the concept of control and decision making and finally, the raising of a family. When comparing the generational differences of domestic dynamics it is so apparent that modern women are vying for statuses significantly less impressive than those achieved by the women of prior generations. Notions of contributions, be it within a household or not, were not always observed in the material manner that we regard them in today. While a modern bride may fancy herself as contributing to a household by earning the money used to purchase groceries, a traditional bride would see higher value in the grocery shopping itself, as well as the meal planning and preparation that

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