The Most Important Function of Language Is Communication. Essay

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English Language Essay Topic: ‘The most important function of language is communication.’ Communication is an important aspect of our lives. Without it, the world would be a very different place. In fact, it may be impossible to lead a life without communication. There are different types of communication such as verbal, non-verbal and written. Verbal communication is using speech and language with the inclusion of prosodic features such as intonation and pitch. Non-verbal communication can include paralinguistic features such as gestures and body language. Communication is extremely vital in the 21st century because it allows people to express emotions, ideas and it promotes common interests and advancements in society. Education also plays an important role in everyday life and the process of sharing knowledge requires communication of some sort. In society, the human race relies on communication for a number of reasons. Expressing emotion is an important one because it gives others the impression of how a certain individual is feeling. When someone is feeling upset or angry, it is often shown through their body language and it conveys a message to others that they are feeling this way. The assertion of emotion is also very important as it can change certain aspects of how the world progresses and evolves. Politicians communicate their views and opinions through displaying emotion, either through supporting certain ideas or undermining them. Their use of prosodic and paralinguistic features can appeal to citizens and encourage them to either agree or disagree with what they are saying. Articulating ideas is also vital as it can help improve the standard of living and make advancements in society. The treatment of minority groups has improved over time and today, people are more tolerant of others. On the afternoon of Wednesday, August 28, 1963, Martin Luther

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