The Most Important Function of Education Is to Prepare Pupils for Employment

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In this report, this argument will be focusing whether education really prepares pupils for education or not. Both sides of the argument, for and against, will be considered and taken in to account, with reasons to support points. The key words that are included in this statement are function, education and the phrase “prepare pupils for employment”. The word function in this statement associates with functionalists. These functionalist sociologists view education as a positive role which pupils play. This means that they see education as good thing which benefits everyone. Functionalists believe that education is important for the economy and for the modern world and that schools and colleges teach skills, knowledge and provide courses which give them help. Functionalists grade student according to their abilities. This is based on the belief that all individuals have equal opportunities in school. They also believe that education plays a role in teaching the norms and values of society to each new generation, and is also seen as a agent of socialisation by teaching rules such as obedience and punctuality. Education is seen as a process of learning and is an informal social control and part of secondary socialisation. The phrase “prepare pupils for employment” is talking about the job roles for students and their future life. In order to reach this level in life and to get good jobs, good qualifications are needed, along with responsibilities and rules, norms and the important values in life. An argument to support the statement is that education gives pupils the right qualifications for the job that they wish to do. Teachers, who are agents of socialisation help these students gain qualifications and skills that are needed for the specific job. The aspects of learning that pupils learn help them to use them in later life and understand on how to be
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