The Most Important Contributions: Sir John Alexander Macdonald

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What were the 5 most important contributions this individual made to Canada and explain why you felt these were the most important contributions? 1) The Man Who Helped Make Canada the Country It Is Today 2) The man who supported confederation 3) He was the father of confederation 4) He was the first prime minister 5) He made a lot of achievements in Canada which helps us today and did in the past.. I think these were the most important contributions sir John Alexander Macdonald made because… 1) He is the man who helped make Canada the country it is today. He helped Canada because in 1854 no party was capable of governing for a long time, but Sir John Alexander Macdonald agreed to a proposal from his political rival George Brown. He said that the parties unite in a Great Coalition to seek confederation and political reform. Macdonald was a leading figure in the subsequent discussions, and conferences. Which got British North America act and that is when Canada became a nation on July 1st, 1867. Macdonald was chosen as the prime minister of the new nation, and he also served…show more content…
During this conference, Macdonald met representatives of the Maritime Provinces, so he could try to get them to join Canada. Macdonald and a few others gave speeches, which in the end, convinced the others to join the Confederation. This accomplishment augmented the enthusiasm and determination of Macdonald, who fought so hard for Confederation. Two years later after the conservative’s party went down to defeat. A week later the governor general asked Cartier to become the senior prime minister ant to form the new government. Jack Cartier accepted and Macdonald took the role of being the associate Prime Minister. Sir John Alexander Macdonald felt the key to Canada’s success, as a country, would rely on its mother Country

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