The Most Important Aspect Of a Job Is The Money a

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The most important aspect of a job is the money a person earns. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. For centuries, people are accustomed to evaluating a person’s job by the salary he has earned, in most cases, the work who provides a high salary is usually deserved to be paid more attention to. I am penetratingly convinced that, however, the most pivotal aspect of a job will never be the money a person earned. Initially, It is crucial for a people to select his job depend on in which aspect his interest lies. Since we usually have to do a certain jobs , especially for those who are devoted themselves in some special kind of works, for a couple of years in the modern society. It will cause a catastrophic result once you have made a wrong decision in choosing a job merely depends on the salary it pays. As I have seen, one of my classmates in high school, he decide to start his career as an engineer in waste management which job equipped with a high salary since there is less people willing to deal with the rubbish in our daily life. Unfortunately, he quitted the position for a few month because he cannot bear the working condition with a disgust flavor all the times. It is a characteristic example of a graduate who only cares about the money he will earn. Moreover, whether the job will give you a satisfied development is also quite important, since most of high paid jobs are kind of dangerous or risky jobs, such as police, fireman. Seldom of us would like to take those jobs as a lifelong career although it is quite important for our daily life, therefore, to judge a jobs only in the salary aspect are obviously absurd. Last but not least, the scale of a company is also an crucial element in evaluating which jobs to do. In most cases, a global company is more competitive yet pays
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