"The Most Delicious Meal I Have Ever Eaten. Essay

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ENC1101 November 8, 2012 "The Most Delicious Meal I Have Ever Eaten." Coming home from a long day of work, my girlfriend greeted me at the front door of our house with a big warm hug and a smile. As we were catching up with our day, I smelled the most alluring aroma coming from the kitchen. "I cooked up something special for us today", she announced excitedly. I followed my nose to the kitchen to find a delicious collection of shrimp, rice, clams, slices of beef and vegetables surrounding a big bubbling pot in the center of the table. Eyes wide open and nostrils flaring, my mouth immediately flooded with salivation as I gaze at the most appetizing view. We sat at the table already prepped with plates, silverware, napkins and a pair of ladles . The pot in the center of the table is angry with boiling solution. The plump shrimp and slices of savory beef are still cold and fresh in their packages while the mushrooms, onions and carrots were already chopped to pairs of dice. The clams are nestled neatly in a bowl of ice and the rice is steaming from a tall bowl awaiting consumption. Finally, we gently place a few slices of beef and shrimps into the pot with the ladles for our first taste. To my surprise, the food only took a few minutes to heat in the pot before it is fully cooked. With my ladle, I fish out the shrimp and slices of beef and plant them in my mouth. A delicious fireworks display sets off immediately! The beef melts in my mouth without any real effort of chewing, while the shrimp mimics a velvety texture. I loaded the ladle with vegetables and dunk it in the pot for my next fixing. After a few moments, I was overwhelmed with savory mounds of organic goodness. As I absorb the luscious delicacies I was taken into nirvana, then I took a moment to organize my thoughts as my brain was overloaded with sensory

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