The Most Dangerous Game Character Analysis

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Table of Contents Name Jason Harris ENGL1302.W2 Section Date 9/10/13 CHARACTER ANALYSIS ESSAY PLAN SHEET/FIRST DRAFT Completing the following plan sheet will help you organize your essay on character analysis. 1. The introduction should include the following information worked into a coherent paragraph. Opening Lead: There are people in this world that are average, that are above average, and then there is Sanger Rainford. Title and author of the work: "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell Brief summary of the work and importance of subject character–who is clearly named: Sanger Rainsford is a hunter who, because of an accident at sea, finds himself on Ship Trap island - an island feared by captains and their crews. He is an exceptional hunter who, it seems at first, has found a safe harbor in the island's only inhabitant's home, General Zaroff. Rainsford soon finds himself in a fight for survival against mother nature, General Zaroff, and even himself; the hunter becomes the hunted. Thesis statement based on one of the organizational approaches identified in the text: Rainsford's ability to survive the game of his life was due to his vast amount of intelligence, survival skills and the ability to remain calm when facing extreme conditions. 3 2. The first part of the body illustrates and proves the first point listed in the thesis. Topic sentence for point one: Sanger Rainsford had spent his entire life developing the skills it takes to survive long hunts in all types of trying conditions. The remainder of the paragraph proves the topic sentence by using direct quotations from the work which are prepared for with a brief introduction and then are followed by analysis: Rainsford, upon falling into the sea and realizing the ship was not turning about, "wrestled himself out of his clothes" and "swam... with slow, deliberate strokes, conserving his

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