The Most Dangerous Game

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An individual does not know how something feels until they are put in that position. The short story "The Most Dangerous Game" is a tale about the hunted and the hunter. On a yacht heading towards Rio for hunting, a man named Whitney points out an island called Ship-Trap to another hunter, Rainsford. Whitney also tells Rainsford about the island's reputation of fear among the sailors. They eventually get into a conversation about whether prey has feelings; Rainsford believes that they do not while Whitney does. As Rainsford is left alone in the the dark night, he hears three gunshots and leaps on the rail for a better view of what was causing the noises. While on the rail he loses balance and falls into the deep sea. Left alone, Rainsford decides to swim towards the gunshots' direction and when he reaches shore he quickly falls asleep. The next morning Rainsford follows footprints to find a gigantic mansion and is met by a man named Ivan. Ivan does not let him in until another man, General Zaroff, comes to countenance Rainsford in. Zaroff say he has read Rainsford's books on hunting and really admires him. General Zaroff gives him a room to stay in and asks him to come to dinner. Rainsford and the General get into a conversation about hunting — the General describes how his life is a prolonged hunt. He also tells Rainsfords that he hunts the most dangerous game on his island; humans. Zaroff says he amasses his island by misdirecting passing ships using lights to show a channel where there is not one. When the ships get into a wreck, the surviving sailors become his prey. Rainsford deplored, refuses General Zaroff's offer to hunt with him and instead goes to bed. Rainsford finds the General's hunt to be preposterous and barbarous. During lunch the General says that the hunt of humans no longer enlightens him due to the fact that the sailors captured

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