The Most Dangerous Game

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The story The Most Dangerous Game is a suspenseful story about a man, who could be called a serial killer, and his sick, twisted sport. Richard Connell is very good at building suspense to keep readers enticed. When a reader reads this story there is not one single time that they will be bored and want to stop reading. There are many points in the story that build suspense. Rainsford is up a tree on the first night of the hunt, when Zaroff walks into view. Rainsford presses himself flat to the tree and holds his breath. Zaroff begins to scan the area and smoke a cigar. the smoke fills Rainsford face and lungs and he has to use all of is strength to keep from coughing. Richard Connell uses a lot of detail in this moment of the story. This helps build suspense because the reader feels as if he or she were Rainsford. Rainsford is deciding what next to do. he has to either wait and try to evade Zaroff or run. Zaroff was closing in and he had to choose quick. Zaroff began to come into view and Rainsford had to make his decision. Richard Connell uses panning in this part of this book. He pans from Rainsford thinking to him keeping an eye on Zaroff. This builds intensity and suspense. Richard Connell uses many different elements of writing to build suspense. There are many of suspenseful moments in this story because of how great Richard Connell writes the story. The Most Dangerous Game is a suspenseful and action packed story brilliantly written to engage the reader and keep them
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