The Morse Museum

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The Morse Museum The Morse Museum was founded by Jeanette Genius McKean in 1942 and named for her grandfather. The museum contains many of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s works. Some of these objects came from Tiffany’s New York mansion, including leaded glass windows, blown glass and pottery and historical photos and architectural plans. It also has a collection of American arts pottery and a collection of late 19th and early 20th century American painting and decorative arts. The Morse museum’s new wing features the recently restored Daffodil Terrace and approximately 250 objects from or relate to Tiffany’s mansion. Highlights include prize winning leaded glass windows and iconic Tiffany lamp as well as art glass and custom furnishings and pottery in Tiffany’s personal collections. The museum’s Tiffany collection is additionally well supported by unique historical artifacts and archival material that shed light on Louis Comfort Tiffany. These materials include Tiffany’s personal memorabilia, letters, designs, plans, photographs, early experiments, business documents from Laurelton Hall and Tiffany’s various homes in New York City. Exhibitions in the museum’s galleries are changed periodically. Current exhibition on view include: Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Laurelton Hall, Morse Vignette, A Church Record-Photographs from the Tiffany studios Ecclesiastical Departments July 23, 2010 through September 4, 2011, selected works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, The Virtues of Simplicity American arts and crafts, Art jewelry, Favrile metal work and precious glass by Louis Comfort Tiffany, The Favrile pottery of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Louis Comfort Tiffany’s life and art, Tiffany lamps and lighting from the Morse collection, American paintings, American Art Pottery, Art Nouveau in Europe and America from the Morse collection, The Tiffany Chapel, and secrets of Tiffany glass making. The

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