The Morning After Essay

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THE MORNING AFTER Mrs Fletcher woke up that morning, changed her clothes and walked downstairs. She was oblivious to how she had slaughtered Fletchers rabbits last night; until she looked out the window. The memories from last night came flooding back over her. Fletcher coming home, Fletchers story and worst of all, the slaughtering of the rabbits. Mrs Fletcher took her time entering the kitchen, trying not to look Fletcher in the eye. However Fletcher appeared clam. He just chewed his bread and sipped his milk like nothing had happened. Mrs Fletcher ate her cornflakes in silence. “ Fletcher, before you see your rabbits, I am truly sorry’’ gulped Mrs Fletcher, trying not to cry. Fletcher, confused about what Mrs Fletcher murmured a moment ago, gave a cheerful grin to her husband’s face. “ Whatever it is, it can’t be that bad, luv’’ said Fletcher, showing Mrs Fletcher his toothy smile. Mr Fletcher walked casually to the rabbit cages. Blood pumping, heart racing, Mrs Fletcher was having a mental breakdown. Thoughts were running through her head, what to do? What to say? How to react? Aimlessly, she sprinted and dived on the ground next to Fletcher and was babbling, “ I’m so sorry Fletcher”. Her husband turned around and looked awkwardly at his weeping wife. “What are you talking about?’’ questioned Fletcher, his hand stroking his rabbits. Mrs Fletcher was stunned. That is when she remembered. Enraged, Mrs Fletcher opened the drawer to find the knife she had been cutting the meat and potatoes with earlier that day. She grabbed the knife, shut the drawer and slammed the back door open. Stomping towards the rabbits, she gripped the knife tightly with her right hand, ready to slash. Furiously, she clutched the nearest poor, clueless rabbit by the head and lined her knife vertical to the rabbit’s neck. She raised her its sharp blade, but before she made impact

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